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Welcome to Medi-Script Plus Medical Transcription

Established in 1989, Medi-Script Plus Medical Transcription has 35 years of combined transcription and managerial experience. 

Medi-Script Plus provides a quality transcription service who understands the importance of an accurate record, at the same time being aware of timely delivery of reports.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Our website provides an overview of our products and services. If you have any questions or comments or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us.  We answer within 24 hours.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Our View of Electronic Medical Records

The advent of EMR (electronic medical record) presents new challenges for physician practices as well as transcription services.  We have paid attention and we are ready to work with you to integrate your dictation into the software you have chosen for your EMR. 

While many people pronounced the dawn of EMRs as the end of medical transcriptionists, we think that while the role may change, they can still have a very important function to play in the EMR world.

It is stated that despite the use of template driven EMRs and drop-down menus, that patient specific information still needs to be part of the medical record. This includes specific discussions regarding the patient's diagnosis and treatment considerations. This is clearly a role that medical transcriptionists can fulfill as part of an integrated approach to the EMR documentation.

Why Choose Medi-Script?
What separates us from other services?

  • We go the extra mile for no extra charges.
    • STAT reports are included in the line charges.
    • FAXed reports are included in the line charges.
    • Document requests and record searches come at no extra charge.
  • Our friendly relaxed telephone support separates us from the competition. We are an extension of your office.
  • Our retained client base speaks for itself…excellent quality work…excellent turn-around time.
  • This is one time we can capitalize on age! Longevity and experience counts…the quality of your medical record benefits from our years of experience.