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about the owner—Louise Hancock

I started my business on a shoestring budget in 1989 in my living room. I believed in my abilities as a medical language specialist and worked hard to prove to my growing list of clients that our company could be trusted with their most important asset. . . their medical records.  I envisioned a journey that would take this company to many states.  As I trace the steps that have led us to where we are now, one must appreciate it takes a tremendous work ethic to make a business thrive and continue to succeed even in these trying economic times.

One client at a time through word of mouth and very little advertising led our company to become an established credible authority, where people turn to us as an industry leader.  Opportunities became a springboard for exciting ideas; and  new technology presented us with the ability to become nationwide.  Shrewd management skills demonstrated a consistent ability to hire a network of gifted transcriptionists who have proven abilities to help us achieve our goals.  Over the years, the company grew and we established business relationships with the majority of hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgery centers in the city of Lakeland, Florida and beyond our own city. 

Louis Hancock Owner Medi-Script