Many times throughout my life, I have had that statement made to me.  I have always politely nodded my head and went on about my business.  In recent times those words have resounded in my head over and over.  I have lived through several recessions and several inflationary periods and have found after looking back, I made it quite well.

If we take a look at the “big picture” it isn’t how much money we make this year or that year, it is how we react to the tough times.  I have also heard many times that hard times are a character builder.  When someone says that, you want to roll your eyes and say, “I’ve got plenty of character from those difficult times”!

The medical transcription industry has gone through a metamorphosis in the last several years, making industry owners take a step back, scratch their heads and look at business in an entirely different way.  What was once a flourishing business has now become a challenge to our livelihoods.  Medical transcription is not dying; it is just changing with the times.

During those periods of time when it seems that I have no control over whether business is coming or going, I must admit my faith quivers but that is only short-lived and I actually gain strength and courage to do all the things that have been apathetically lying dormant in my head.   Truly, I believe apathy is the enemy!