Dictation 101

Part 1

Your medical records say who you are!  I have reviewed and edited thousands of medical reports in my years as a medical transcription service provider.  I have listened to thousands of voices dictating their medical reports (maybe even your report!).  In my local area, I am the “go to” person when someone wants a referral for a good doctor.  I can tell them who listens and who is in a hurry.  I can tell them who is thorough and who is not.   It is a rare physician that likes to dictate.  It is truly a chore that adds to the hours in your day.  However, like brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing will give you a beautiful smile; a well dictated medical report reveals your integrity and virtuosity to a multitude of medical professionals who may review your dictated report.

 Most patients don’t see your dictated report, but other physicians and hundreds of other medical providers will see that dictated report.  A patient’s report may pass hands or be sent electronically to many other medical providers and your name is at the bottom of that report. Would you prefer that report to be esteemed or will that report show that you are a poor medical provider due to lack of information dictated, blanks left on the page due to poor dictation or simple statements like “see chart”.  Most providers looking at this report can’t see “the chart”, so that leaves little or no information given about the patient.

 In the coming weeks, I am going to give some dictation pointers so that your medical records can be  “esteemed”.