Dictation 101 – Part 3

Ten Keys to Dictating a Perfect Report   The first two blogs in this series talked about what you should not do when you dictate! I’m hoping someone read those blogs and may have changed some bad habits. Let’s talk about making good dictation habits.  I’ll list some dictation tips below: Purchase a digital recorder that … [Read more...]

Dictation 101 – Part 2

  In the first blog regarding dictation practices, we talked about how important the accuracy and perfection of your medical record is when viewed by your colleagues and other medical professionals.  Part 2 of this series will concentrate on perfecting your dictation skills so that the transcriptionist can accurately transcribe your spoken … [Read more...]

Dictation 101

Part 1 Your medical records say who you are!  I have reviewed and edited thousands of medical reports in my years as a medical transcription service provider.  I have listened to thousands of voices dictating their medical reports (maybe even your report!).  In my local area, I am the “go to” person when someone wants a referral for a … [Read more...]