IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I am starting to get feedback from several of my former clients who have completed approximately a year of using EMR software in their practices. My former clients are verbalizing their extreme distaste for having to use an EMR. Some physicians have decided to use a transcription service again due to loss of revenue from … [Read more...]

Transitioning from Dictation to EMR

As the owner of a medical transcription service, did I ever think I would write a blog that seems to be in direct opposition of what I am trying to preserve?  I stayed in denial for quite some time that EMR (electronic medical record) would eventually be taking business away from me.  After all, I had been the sole transcription service … [Read more...]

Dictation 101 – Part 3

Ten Keys to Dictating a Perfect Report   The first two blogs in this series talked about what you should not do when you dictate! I’m hoping someone read those blogs and may have changed some bad habits. Let’s talk about making good dictation habits.  I’ll list some dictation tips below: Purchase a digital recorder that … [Read more...]


Many times throughout my life, I have had that statement made to me.  I have always politely nodded my head and went on about my business.  In recent times those words have resounded in my head over and over.  I have lived through several recessions and several inflationary periods and have found after looking back, I made it quite well. If … [Read more...]